Plumbing Jobs Your Wife Can Do

plumbing-repair-sinkIs your wife always hassling you to call a plumber to fix every little plumbing issue around the house? What she does not realize is that yes, a lot of plumbing issues require professionals coming in to fix the problems, but smaller issues really can be handled without paying someone else to do it.

Things that usually do require professionals are things like getting a new water heater or installing a new toilet. The more obvious things like getting a new water or sewer line of course must also be done by a professional. Attempting these things on your own could lead to big mistakes that end up costing big money for you. And they could have all been avoided by hiring a professional plumbing contractor.

Now, although those problems need to be handled by licensed plumbers, there are some plumbing issues that can be handled right at home without calling in a pro.

Here are two of the easiest plumbing jobs that you can do on your own:

Snaking a Drain- Alright, so your shower drain is clogged. It is probably no surprise to you how it has become clogged; it is usually because there is a build up of hair in the pipes that is causing the water to back up in the shower and then drain ever so slowly leaving you ankle deep in your shampoo run off.

You can purchase a snake at any home improvement store, and some grocery stores are even starting to carry them. Often times pulling out that bath tub stopper, inserting the snake as far as you can, and then pulling it out a few times will clear your clogged drain.

Do not be surprised though that when you pull up on that snake, you are going to bring with you a disgusting, wet, soapy mass of hair that will not be pretty to look at.

Unclogging a Toilet- Unclogging a toilet is definitely something that can be done at home. Teach your wife how to use a plunger properly, and also teach the practice of unclogging a toilet using hot water and dish soap. Tell her to boil a big pot of water on the stove, put a liberal amount of dish soap into her toilet bowl, and then slowly pour the boiling water into the bowl. The dish soap lubricates the clogged material, and the boiling water pushes it all down.

Teaching these two skills could save you money and save you another time of your wife nagging you about calling a plumber.

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